Inner Bliss

So you are here. A simple Question:

What do you live for?

For just getting a good post in that acclaimed industry, or for getting into that university you always dreamed of, or for great grades or a degree that you always wanted or just for earning a lot of money to be rich beyond imagination?

Have you ever stopped and wondered -What after that?

After that you just stop living,right? Because the purpose for which you lived is over?

No.No you don’t stop there.You get a new purpose,new aim, new goal which needs to be achieved.

So basically, you don’t live for grades, universities, industries, jobs, money,etc,etc.

You live for that inner feeling of satisfaction, the bliss, the happiness so great that it fills your soul, the silence so beautiful, that feeling of solace…….

So where is it?

In your workplace?Or away from it?

Sometimes people say they just need a break. Is it in that break? In an untimely adventure?An unplanned trip?

Or perhaps on wet sands of a serene beach? Or on high mountains? Is it in forests where our Rishi’s went for meditation to find that inner peace?

Is it in your family, friends or people that surround us? Or in that special person? Or a Guru somewhere?

Or is it in temples,mosques,churches? Or is it in nature, perhaps a beautiful flower?

Or is it at the sight of a lot of money?

Answer is No,no that feeling of being blessed, happy or peaceful or inner peace or satisfaction or whatever you may call it, is not in a place, a person or a thing or activity.

It is within us.

Different people find it in different things, according to their nature, environment, habits, upbringing,etc.

Our lifestyle unfortunately takes us away and farther away from us or from our soul if you may call it ‘soul’.In today’s age, even our own face sometimes feels unknown, let alone our soul.

But it reaches out to you, calls you always, it tells you what’s right, what would be good. Some call it the gut feeling, intuition, inner calling,etc,etc.Its there for everyone some listen to it, while some don’t and regret for the rest of their lives.

Realizing that inner bliss is very difficult because we associate it with things, persons, places, etc. which may not always be there with us.

But its very easy once we find that its within us.

When we have a control over it.

When we can have it, feel it whenever we want, or for that matter always.

Once it is awakened without any outside object, our mind becomes clear of all other things like hatred, jealousy, anger,etc. and we experience the best of this world and understand the true reason for which we actually live……


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