As we go on through our life, we meet many people of so many types, habits, emotions, natures and values.Although some stay, some live on to be forever, while some just fade away and become a distant memory.

We always consciously or sub-consciously  analyse people. Some are analysed from a far while some are really near and dear ones. Some are higher up in life whom we constantly admire while for some we are the inspiration.

Broadly people can be categorized into two types as-

People with good face vs people with a beautiful heart or a good packaging vs a good inside product.In short a fake vs a real person.

Fake people always have an image to maintain, a careful packaging which they keep at all times. Real people on other hand just don’t care about what they appear to others.They go on then achieving great heights which they dream of, not for others but for their own self satisfaction.While on the other hand fake people with beautiful packaging do things just to impress a few with their wrappings.

But we must always remember that the beautiful packaging however beautiful it may be is going to be thrown away and what would permanently remain is whats actually inside.

But this also doesn’t mean that real persons aren’t packaged. They to are. But they never try to be what they are not and never even show off to others they are, unlike fake people who are ingeniously packaged and seldom opened.

Real persons create great things and leave it to the rest of the world to view and contemplate.While some find it great and some others don’t, they never even sit listening to the opinions or a word of praise.On the other hand fake people believe in all the  rumors and spend hours gossiping. But, Real people are what they are. No amount of opinions or suggestions would change them.

We must constantly ask ourselves what value do we possess instead of trying in vain to maintain a fake image and getting lost in that world.

Because our true beauty lies in how simple and real we are and not in how fake and complex we tend to show ourselves to the world. The best moments in life have to be lived, experienced and simply cannot be faked and captured.


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