There was a time when people were one faced.

Then there was era when people were two faced.

Now they don’t have just two they have numerous faces.

Like a face for a morning. A face for work. A home face. A party face. An excited face. A sad face for such occasions. A serious face for serious occasions. Basically a face for every occasion.

Long gone are the days when people used to laugh with their hearts and smile with their eyes.Now what we see everywhere is just a stoned smile carefully articulated and just as carefully presented at all times.

Now they have to pretend to be happy, to be excited, to be sad, of things which they are not.

Our Society unfortunately presents us with such situations where we are expected to wear faces just as we wear our clothes.

And as higher we reach in this cruel game of luxury, prosperity and modern life more and more of such carefully drafted artificial emotions are expected from us by the society.

People, when  they are at the bottom most step of this social ladder, keep on dreaming of what it would be like to be a ‘somebody.’

The thing which they never realize is that to be a ‘somebody’, means wearing such careful faces because the world is watching ….

Then when they reach the top most step of the ladder they had always dreamed of and worked so hard for throughout their life, instead of savoring the feeling of been there and finally realizing the dream, they have to worry about what they appear to the world.

Life is a party, a grand celebration, to be lived and enjoyed to the full. This can never be done if we constantly have to adjust ourselves and think about “ What will others think?”

People must be as crazy as they want to be, because these moments are really precious.

They turn into minutes, minutes turn into hours, hours into days, all so fast that before we realize years have been passed and whole life is behind us, gone away just like grains of sand slip from our hands!


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