There is light.

And then there are shadows.


There is the day followed by night.

There is summer followed by winter.

We would have never appreciated light and its brilliance, had there been no shadows.We wouldn’t have loved the day if there were no nights.

Life is just like this. A roller-coaster ride full of ups and downs.A day followed by night followed by day and so on.

Some parts full of green pastures with beautiful meadows while others like the stark desert yet beautiful.The brillianceĀ of light along with its dark shadows.

Each and everything has a light and a shadow.Persons have good qualities as well as bad.They have contrasting natures. Even things have a light and a shadow. The most beautiful clothes have contrasting shades. The best medicine has effects and side effects. Technology has its pros and cons.Basically everything has two side just like a coin.

But in life people go seeking light.They don’t realize light cannot be found without shadows.Light and shadows cannot exist without each other.

People seek only light and don’t want the shadows. They just see others shining and want themselves to be seen in such brilliance.

But to be in that light, one first has to go through the shadows.There is fear and frustration always there to hold you back. To tell you that its impossible or it cannot be done.But once that is overcome, that light can be found which is making the shadows.

Then as we get stronger and stronger we shine more brilliantly. Everybody forgets then the shadows we went through and are just stunned at the brilliance.

But if you ever want to seek that light one must first find the shadows. Because shadows cannot exist without the light.

Wherever there are your shadows(your fear) surely you will find you light there too ……





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