Throughout the centuries we have come to know that the truth is powerful and it always prevails.

Three things can never be hidden for long -its the sun ,the moon and the truth.The truth will always be the truth even if no one believes in it. A lie remains a lie even if everyone believes it.

But if words don’t add up, it’s simply because truth wasn’t involved in the equation.

The truth is so obscure in these times and falsehood so established that unless you really love it, you cannot know the truth.Society has now become so fake that truth actually bothers people.

The truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. You just have to let it loose and it will defend itself.

A naked truth is always better than a best dressed lie. A truth may hurt once, but a lie hurts forever. It’s better to be slapped with the truth than to be kissed with lie.

You can never change the truth but the truth can change you and make you a completely different person.

The only people who are mad at you for speaking the truth are the ones who are living a lie. A wise man confesses his wrongs, a fool tries to defend them. The cowards hide behind lies and defeat.Blind belief in authority is always a greatest enemy of truth.

Sometimes people don’t want to know the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed. Sometimes people know the truth but are not brave enough to go forward and accept it.Denying the truth doesn’t change the facts.

Some people spend their entire lives seeking the truth.

But no person alive completely knows the truth.

He has only a perception of what truth actually is. This perception may be closer to actual real truth or may be somewhere really far away from it.

But Truth remains truth and it is completely independent from your perspective, my perspective, their perspective or our perspective of what Truth is, of how we see it or how we choose to see it……