Evolution is as much real as the heat of the sun and the gravity of the earth.

Scientific Analysis has shown that we have all evolved from apelike ancestors over a period of almost six million years and are even yet evolving into better and stronger beings. The human brain is the most complex and evolved thing which even science has not been able to comprehend completely. Human beings are a species that has stood the test of time by continuously evolving, adapting, adjusting and changing as per the situations, conditions and environment around them.

But even then sometimes we completely reject this theory of evolution by Charles Darwin, which should be the most important theory in today’s dynamic world.

We all have been through and are always going through the situations which clearly say Evolve or Dissolve… and we have always said that change is the only constant thing ever.

After all evolution is all about change, and it is not the strongest of the species that survive nor the most intelligent but the most responsive to change.There are absolutely no shortcuts to evolution. It occurs bit by bit, but who lasts till the end emerge as more powerful than before and more adaptive.

The measure of intelligence now is the ability to change in response to the immediate environment.

Evolution is almost universally accepted among those who understand it and almost universally rejected by those who don’t. Yet it applies to all living beings, products, ideas, fashions, music, technologies and all the things in generality. Good fashion is good evolution. Products and ideas survive through evolution, and that which don’t evolve perish. New technology is the result of evolution.

Thus, if we see, evolution is in every aspect of our life. We ourselves are transforming and transitioning into better and evolved beings, and as we do evolve the things around us do too, or may be its the other way round?

Some accept the changes faster and have a reflexive response ready while others respond slowly but surely, while some others just ignore and ultimately perish.

This is the Law of Nature which applies everywhere and in everything……..