Dreams are something where we always want to be, yet few have the courage to pursue them, to go against all the odds and to live the life that they dreamed of.  Dreams are never too easy to achieve and that’s the reason they are dreams. But they are never impossible otherwise we would have never thought of them.

There are many people who live their dreams and they take every chance and risk and then there are people who live others dream. But our dreams are where our heart is and they know the best way for us all the time.

As soon as you start to pursue a dream your life wakes up and everything has a meaning.

We generate fears while we sit, we overcome them by action. After all you can feel your strengths only in experience of the pain. Life begins after the comfort zone ends.Too many people never live their dreams because they are living their fears.

Never let your dreams be just dreams, turn them into plans, goals,targets….

Chase dreams not people. Do more of what makes you happy and less of what makes others happy. Fight for your dreams and your dreams will fight back for you. People may doubt what you say but they will have to believe what you do. Never never let small minds convince that your dreams are too big.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Don’t just follow your dreams,chase them ……..