The force that causes good things to happen to you by chance, and not as a result of efforts and abilities is called as luck.

Every search begins with Beginners Luck. And every search ends with the Victor’s being severely tested.

Good Luck stays as long as you are a beginner. As we go ahead the things get harder, and only those people who work hard till the last minute are able to retain the luck till the end. Bad Luck just happens when you are no longer a beginner and still aren’t willing to work hard.

This principle applies every where. Even when we play any game as a beginner its always easy to win, but as we proceed ahead we find that it becomes essential to concentrate all the efforts and abilities and synchronize together all the things to win. People who cannot achieve this blame their luck, have excuses and claim that it was all bad luck.

Luck is not found but it is made. Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Without preparation the opportunity is wasted. Each and everyone is presented with enough opportunities in life. But only those who have prepared and worked hard for it are able to grab them win in the end.

We make our own luck every single minute of every day. The best luck of all is the luck that we make our self.

Luck is what we have left after we have given our 100%. We can never call something as Bad Luck until we have given our complete efforts and worked till the end of our capacity.

In the end nobody’s ever lucky, they just get what they deserve………….