There was a time when people were one faced. Then there was era when people were two faced. Now they don’t have just two they have numerous faces. Like a face for a morning. A face for work. A home face. A party face. An excited face. A sad face for such occasions. A serious … More Faces


As we go on through our life, we meet many people of so many types, habits, emotions, natures and values.Although some stay, some live on to be forever, while some just fade away and become a distant memory. We always consciously or sub-consciously  analyse people. Some are analysed from a far while some are really … More People

Inner Bliss

So you are here. A simple Question: What do you live for? For just getting a good post in that acclaimed industry, or for getting into that university you always dreamed of, or for great grades or a degree that you always wanted or just for earning a lot of money to be rich beyond imagination? … More Inner Bliss