The force that causes good things to happen to you by chance, and not as a result of efforts and abilities is called as luck. Every search begins with Beginners Luck. And every search ends with the Victor’s being severely tested. Good Luck stays as long as you are a beginner. As we go ahead … More Luck


Dreams are something where we always want to be, yet few have the courage to pursue them, to go against all the odds and to live the life that they dreamed of.  Dreams are never too easy to achieve and that’s the reason they are dreams. But they are never impossible otherwise we would have never … More Dreams


Evolution is as much real as the heat of the sun and the gravity of the earth. Scientific Analysis has shown that we have all evolved from apelike ancestors over a period of almost six million years and are even yet evolving into better and stronger beings. The human brain is the most complex and … More Evolution


Throughout the centuries we have come to know that the truth is powerful and it always prevails. Three things can never be hidden for long -its the sun ,the moon and the truth.The truth will always be the truth even if no one believes in it. A lie remains a lie even if everyone believes … More Truth


Be it a beggar or a king everyone born has to die someday.Death is a wish of some, a relief of many but the end of all.On the day of your birth, death begins its journey towards you. Our existence is nothing but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness.And death always … More Death

Her Beauty

She is too fat.She is too thin.She is skinny. She is so fair. She is dark. Her hair is curly. Her hair is straight. She is too tall and she is too short. We unfortunately are surrounded by a society who has a fixed perception of female beauty. People have already decided that these are … More Her Beauty


There is light. And then there are shadows. There is the day followed by night. There is summer followed by winter. We would have never appreciated light and its brilliance, had there been no shadows.We wouldn’t have loved the day if there were no nights. Life is just like this. A roller-coaster ride full of … More Shadows

Inner Bliss

So you are here. A simple Question: What do you live for? For just getting a good post in that acclaimed industry, or for getting into that university you always dreamed of, or for great grades or a degree that you always wanted or just for earning a lot of money to be rich beyond imagination? … More Inner Bliss


Life is like a puzzle with majority of its pieces missing. Its like we just have one or two pieces when we start and have to gather each and every missing piece together to solve the puzzle. Now it all depends on you to put the pieces of the puzzle together in order to see … More Puzzle

Light houses

…and then they built lighthouses when our hearts wanted to wander; Trapped us in cages when our spirits had only begun to soar; Whispered love poems in our ears and then stabbed us while we went to sleep; Told us there existed forever when they left in summer; And then they built lighthouses when our … More Light houses